When I started writing this blog I had grandiose ideas of amazing art work and ponderous lists of all the incredible music MR HOMME has created…Paragraph upon paragraph of worship and praise, but then I found this quote from Courtney Love…..

“Well, you sit and you write like, Queens of the Stone Age drudge for a month, and it’s just not happening, and it’s not happening – not that Queens of the Stone Age suck, but people expect a lot more from me. Josh Homme can play like, four notes on his bass, and people take off their tops, but I have a higher bar for whatever reason. It has to be just fucking really, really good.”

I belong to several different QOTSA social media sites with people who adore Josh Homme, Love Queens and stand by their man…So, I decided to throw Mrs Cobain to the wolves…Post this unbelievable quote and see what comes out the other side…I was not disappointed…Here are a few of the remarks

QOTSALUST on Instagram wrote:

“I hate that dumb bitch!!!”

My Facebook peeps came out swinging.

Sami wrote:

“And where’s her music been in the last 10 years??”

In 1987, Josh formed and played Guitar for Kyuss…

Tammy wrote:

“What the fuck did I just read!!”

Alex wrote:

“Ladies and gentlemen, the words of a true crackhead.”

Ophelia wrote:

“Who is this Courtney Love?”

In 2009, Josh, Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters, Nirvana) and John Paul Jones formed Them Crooked Vultures.

Allison wrote:

“She is right about the tops part just not the bass.”

A lot of the females commented about taking off their tops as well as pants…I guess the chicks Love Ginger Elvis…(one of Josh’s many pseudonyms)

One of my favorite replies from Matt on Facebook:

“She killed Kurt Cobain.”

Chris wrote:

“Wait just a minute here people…Courtney Love makes records?”

In 1997, Josh formed Queens of The Stone Age, they have gone through several incarnations but Homme has been the constant.

My feeling is Courtney is not getting the attention she once garnered…Let’s be honest no one knew who Courtney or Hole was before Kurt Cobain came along…Not being mean, it’s the truth…She is trying to get herself out there so she drops a line about Josh Homme, who is hot right now, and then hopes it gets picked up by anyone…She says he plays bass (and Josh does play some bass) when she knows he is a guitarist and lead singer…She calls QOTSA music drudge and says SHE has a higher bar to reach then Homme…She does all this so people like me will jump up and down and call her a BITCH…Mission accomplished Ms.Love…If you were still hot you could marry some new flash in the pan grunge rocker and kill him…OH, that was mean…Hire someone to kill him…That’s Better…

In 2007, Homme married Distillers, and Spinerette guitarist and vocalist, Brody Dalle…They have two chidren...

I will end this on a classy note with a quote on Courtney’s musings from Josh’s wife and awesome music artist in her own right, Brody Dalle…

This pretty much sums it up:

Interviewer…What did you think of her recent comments about how people expect more of her than they do Josh and Queens of the Stone Age? 
“I don’t mean to be rude, but I feel, like, write a song like Queens of the Stone Age and then you can talk in that way. She wrote some really good records, but a long time ago, and I haven’t honestly listened to any of her stuff since Live Through This, when I was, like, 16. I don’t listen to her stuff anymore. I think she’s pretty mouthy, and I love her to death, but she’s just trying to be controversial.” 

Till Next time….mm

A personal note, thanks to all the peeps on Instagram and Facebook Queens page, I never knew there was so many maniacs like me out there, who love great music and love QOTSA…You guys are the best…mm

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